The foundation supported several projects and their websites:

In May 2012 it co-organized a transatlantic Conference on Global Online Freedom and Corporate Responsibility in cooperation with the George Washington University and the US Government Helsinki Commission in Washington D.C. and in cooperation with a Dutch MEP (Marietje Schaake) in the European Parliament, Brussels. See;

In 2012 it was involved in the foundation of the Honours Review an independent, peer-reviewed journal managed by Honours College students of the University of Groningen. From 2012 it supported the website and the printing of the magazine financially.;

From 2010 it supports the e-magazine e-Jure publishes serious blogs on IT-law, written by academic students in the field of Law and ICT. A serious blog is a 1000-1500 words long academic level text giving an abstract of an IT-law problem and referring to the main sources of legal background knowledge (legislation, treaties, case law, literature).;